They all pretty much looked like this.
And this is how I always pictured my future child.

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I am never going to forget that group of like 9 year old punk-rock-hipster kids at Lollapalooza last year who were crushing over TDCC, Vampire Weekend, and Phoenix. Oh my god were they adorable or what. They all had neon mohawks, I had no idea where their parents were, and they were right behind me in line for the TDCC signing. And they had other little friends camping for Phoenix. My heart. They were the cutest things ever. My children are going to be like them, without choice. They’re just going to end up like that naturally.  

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I can never get enough of this

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mommy do musers go to 2007 Wembley when they die?

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Things we actually need prior to move in:

[x] $25 Plates, bowls, etc.
[x] $10 Drinking cups
[x] FREE Silverware
[] $20 4 bath towels
[] $10 8 wash cloths + 8 cleaning towels
[x] $5 2 hand towels for bathroom
[x] FREE blow up mattress
[x] Bedding
[x] $1 glass cleaner from dollar tree
[x] $1 all purpose cleaner from dollar tree
[ ] $6 something to put silverware in
[x] FREE folding chairs
[x] MAYBE FREE table (if not, like $20)
[ ] $1 each kitchen towels from dollar tree
[x] Toaster
[x] FREE Toaster Oven

also I have a $50 gift card and I’m returning something today to get $14 back. so $64 to spend PLUS I get 20% off. I plan on getting the washcloths and drinking glasses and a strainer with that. I also need to find cheap tupperware that won’t crack or break and morph so the lids don’t fit. I might get that with my gift card too. so I mean we don’t need much more. we have other stuff too like a pizza pan, shower curtain, garbage cans, end tables, bath rug, can opener, etc. from when I went to college last fall. I splurged on the bedding bc it looks super awesome (I’ll have a pic when I put it together) and it was so worth the like $60 I spent :p but I mean that was on the whole deal. sheets, 4 pillowcases, and the top blanket. also we’re probably going to spend like $100 on fans just to save on utilities.

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matching necklaces with bae

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"you can’t copy my homework because our teacher will know that you copied it from me"


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Group shots on day twenty-nine. The babies are now without their mommy.

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