are you kidding me

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sex tip!! when he puts it in, yell ‘what are u doing in my swamp’

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This is, in fact, the most important post on the internet.

Every male should be required to read this.

Every person on earth should read this. 

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I am just SICK of this shit.  I’m sick of being a mom when I’m not even one.  I might as well just have a damn baby right now and be one.  I’m tired of watching my ELEVEN YEAR OLD SISTER WHO IS OLD ENOUGH TO BE HOME and sacrifice my studies to do so.  I’m sick of no one even telling or asking me to do this and just assuming that I can.  I’m sick of no one telling me when they’re going to be home.  I was going to go to a study session before the test, but NOPE. I gotta stay home and watch the kid. What in the living hell did they do when I was away at school? Now they just take me for granted and expect me to live my life as a forever-babysitter for someone who can watch herself.

I really needed to go to the study session today.  I had several questions to ask, and I needed the guided review.  My grade is on the line. Seriously, I might not get the B I need now.  If I don’t get a B I can loose my scholarship and then I won’t have enough money for school.  So you know what?  Fuck you. I’m stressed out enough and I don’t need this shit. 

I can’t wait until I’m out of here. I’m NEVER coming back.

oh my god im so nervous


The Suburbs by Arcade Fire

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Vegan spicy tomato pizza at Gather.


This is the coolest thing ever

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